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Low-Cost Chiropractic Marketing Strategies That Bring In Quality Chiropractic New Patients Every Month

By Dr Michael Beck,Chiropractorfam3

In 2004, with only $3000 a month in collections and an overhead of $15,000, my practice was in big trouble   as in, get evicted, close the doors, and call the bankruptcy attorney.

My biggest problem was getting new patients through the doors. 

Things had gotten so slow my practice was averaging only 1-3 new patients a month.

I even hired two different practice consultants during this time. I  studied their manuals, listened to the videos  did everything they taught.

I went to as many seminars as I could afford, memorized all the scripts to a “t”, 
tried to get new patients just like the consultants taught.

Their big marketing plan was to do screenings, run their newspaper ads from 1968, and forcefully “persuade” my patients to refer.

During one of my worst months, I spent every spare minute I had doing 8 screenings, 2 talks and a patient appreciation day. Sure, I got a handful of patients to sign up at the screenings and talks, but most of them didn't show up for their exam or even stay around long.

I couldn't keep doing more and more spinal screenings every month just to get poor quality new patients. My time was limited. My finances were definitely limited. And my poor wife and kids were fed up with being completely 

Our family vehicle was repossessed, the house was in foreclosure,
and my office rent was 5 months behind!

Hopeless… Frustrated… Broke… I Said to Myself, ‘There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This’!

It was then I realized no coach or consultant was going to give me a marketig plan that worked. While they might teach great office procedures, most of their marketing "know-how" was very poor and outdated. And without any new patients, it wouldn't  matter how great my office procedures were anyways.

I can remember spending hours and hours listening to teleseminars, studying scripts, and “training” on some unimportant little office procedure, when…

What I Needed Was Simple– More New Patients!

This lack of effective chiropractic marketing tools forced me to look outside the profession for answers. My practice depended on it. I had no time to "hope" something worked. I needed a solution fast!

I started to study marketing on my own. I wanted to learn what strategies were being used today, not 20 years ago, to get new patients.

I studied successful marketers outside of chiropractic. People like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Seth Godin, and Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerilla Marketing) just to name a few. I also studied small businesses which had grown using reliable, consistent marketing strategies. I learned how they used well written ads, direct response websites, email messages, direct mail, and more to bring in new customers.

"When chiropractors call me and ask what to do for marketing I send them straight to Dr. Beck. "

I’ve known Dr. Beck for 10 years.  We went to chiropractic school together, we’ve worked with the same coaches and consultants in chiropractic and we’ve shared some of the same struggles.  I have to admit, when Dr. Beck first told me that he was going to start helping chiropractors with their marketing I thought he was crazy!  Then he blew me completely away with the quality and effectiveness of his ads. I always knew he had a knack for marketing but he really has developed a terrific marketing package to help new chiropractors, struggling chiropractors or chiropractors who are ready to jump to the next level. 

When chiropractors call me and ask what to do for marketing I send them straight to Dr. Beck.  The ones that do what Dr. Beck tells them get the results; it’s as simple as that.  I am tremendously proud to know Dr. Beck and to be able to call him my friend.  He is truly helping chiropractors around the globe reach out to their communities.

Micah D. Carter, D.C.
Edmond, Ok

I developed new marketing strategies and tools specific for chiropractic, then put them to work in my practice. And I began to see results almost immediately.

The next month my new patients increased, my collections went up to $8,000…and I decided to do my last-ever spinal screening!

Seven months later I was banking close to $30,00 per month.

Finally, real marketing that works for chiropractic. (Unlike all that other crap out there being pushed on us from advertising sales people and over-hyped chiropractic marketing gurus.)

I also noticed something else with this new form of marketing…

The new patients it brought in were of a much higher quality –
they were easier to convert, sent in more referrals,
and stayed under care longer.

Here's a  screenshot from my accounting software showing my gross income growing (from a meager $2,700) all in a period of 7 months!


As you can see for June, July and August I was just breaking even. It was so bad some people didn't get paid  myself included!

Later, I got up to $30k a month and decided it was time to work one less day a week and spend more time with my family. The only reason I could consider taking time off was because I had implemented an automatic new patient system in my practice.

This meant I didn't have to worry every day where new patients were coming from. I could be away from the office and still have new patients calling in to schedule appointments.

Here's why I'm telling you all this..

Getting new patients is one of the hardest parts of  running a chiropractic practice. Trying to automate a new patient marketing system  even more difficult.

The Key to Unlocking Your Profits And Success Is
Reliable, Consistent New Patient Marketing Tools

You're a great chiropractor, you have great adjusting skills and you just want to help people while you make a good living.

But it's not your fault you haven't been able to thrive because no one has been able to teach you how to get new patients and grow your practice.

If you want to build a successful and profitable chiropractic practice, you can't make acquiring new patients a sometimes, hit-or-miss event depending on the month of the year.

Every month — no matter which holidays fall during this time —  you must consistently bring in new patients to your practice.

This is far too important to simply leave it to chance either and just hope for the best.

You see, new patient marketing is more than just a one-time event. Real growth in your practice is based on having a consistent flow of new patients – like a faucet, which you can turn up or down when you want to adjust the level of people you're getting in the door.

This is why when I put together my ChiroMarketing Academy. I wanted to give chiropractor like you simple, low cost marketing strategies to build your practice.

As a Member of The ChiroMarketing Academy
Here's What You'll Get...

As a member of ChiroMarketing Academy you're going to get access to monthly training videos, audios and articles. These lessons will give you step-by-step instructions on how to...

greencheckBring in more quality new patients using print and internet marketing, referrals, 
internal promotions, and more.

greencheckConvert patients to care using non-forceful techniques. (It took me years of trial 
and error to discover these!)

greencheckKeep patients for life with high retention strategies and tactics.

Watch this short video to get a sneak peak inside ChiroMarketing Academy...

You will get access to everything you just saw in the video above, plus so much more. Every month new content is being added to the site. New videos, audios, articles and more. 

I've even gone out and found some of the best chiropractors and marketers to interview for your benefit. You'll hear what's working in other successful chiropractor's offices. You'll learn cutting edge strategies from marketers outside the profession -- methods you can apply to your practice and excel over your competition.

"Dr. Beck has developed a very
 impressive marketing tool for chiropractors."

Dr. Beck has developed a very impressive marketing tool for chiropractors.  

As access to high speed internet becomes commonplace in the average household the ability to both educate people about the benefits of chiropractic care and to market individual practices will greatly increase.  

The lessons are concise and easy to follow while providing "must know" information for the successful internet marketing of the chiropractic practice. 

 Shawn Fletcher, DC

Mountain View, AR

In addition to the incredible practice building tools and strategies described above, you’ll also receive two special bonus items to bring in even more new patients

Bonus 1: 15 Internet Marketing Lessons --
How To Set Up New Patient Systems On Autopilot. ($497 Value)

Each month you're a member, you'll receive 4 lessons showing you step by step how to setup chiropractic internet marketing systems on autopilot.  This set of lessons originally sold for $497  until I took off the market to include in the "new" ChiroMarketing Academy membership site.

Even if you know nothing about the internet, I can show you how easy it is to bring in new patients at a very low cost. 

dotWhy your current website could be turning patients away – And what you MUST DO 
NOW to fix it!

dotThe quickest, easiest way to get Free Traffic to your web page and how to convert them to new patients immediately.

dotThe Seven Advanced Strategies for Google Adwords. Use these and you'll drive tons of qualified patient prospects to your website.

dotThe “magic words” you must have on your web page to bring you more new patients and  money.
(These alone will improve your conversion from prospect to patient by 30, 40, or even 50%.)

dotThe single most important strategy to get you at the top of Google, MSN and Yahoo's Search listings! (I used this one to get ahead of websites that had been around for 8 years.)

dotHow to use Email to build powerful rapport with new patients before they've even met you and why having a follow up campaign is vital to getting new patients to call and schedule.

These are some of the most cutting edge techniques used in internet marketing today. The strategies I'll teach you aren't just theories or something that might work in your town. These are proven strategies that have already created thousand of millionaires in other small business around the world.

Listen to what Dr. Jon Walker from Florida had to say just about the internet marketing part of ChiroMarketing Academy...

"NUMBER ONE spot in a Google search
after less than a week!"

Bonus 2: The Renegade Chiropractic Marketing Letters… 
Proven Marketing Letters For Referrals, Reactivations,
and Event Promotions.
 ($97 Value)

This set of letters contain powerful internal marketing tools used in my practice for bringing in high-retention referrals, running promotional events, and reactivating ‘vanished’ patients.

  • Turn ‘lost’ patients into active, paying, referring patients again.
  • Introduce services and products that you sell to your patients right away.
  • Market to New Homeowners in your town and have them become patients.
  • Continual Referral Stream Letter that will compel current patients to immediately send referrals to you (This letter alone made me $100,000 in the last year!)
  • Create more referrals from your best patients (80/20 principle) using this VIP letter.
  • Turn other professional’s customer list into new patients using this special “endorsed” letter.
  • A letter to turn special events in your personal life into a reason to contact inactive patients.

With these marketing letter templates you’ll have a system in place to maximize referrals from the new patients that come in from you training in ChiroMarketing Academy – effectively doubling or even tripling your results, at no additional costs.

What ChiroMarketing Academy Isn't

Before we talk about joining, let me tell you that ChiroMarketing Academy is not for everyone. Here's what ChiroMarketing Academy is not...

  • This system IS NOT about high energy marketing, using "Hype" or dependent on the "type" of practice you run. If you're into spending a lot of energy to get a new patient, or think only Hyped up marketing works, this program isn't for you. And it doesn't matter what type of practice you run – cash or insurance, mixer or straight – if you want quality new patients, ChiroMarketing Academy will deliver.
  • It's NOT time consuming. I'll show you in bite sized lessons to implement specific marketing, rentetion and conversion strategies. And you can work at your own pace because all the training is at your fingertips. All you have to do is login.
  • It's NOT about hard selling to get a new patient. ChiroMarketing Academy teaches you how to gently persuade new patients to come in based on the relationships you build with them, your expertise, and the unique position you create online. I'm not going to be showing you how to "force" patients to do anything.

As you can see from the list, this program is not for everyone. If you're a big fan of the type of marketing I just listed, then this program is not going to be for you.

But if you want to get quality new patients into your practice, and do it using proven systems, then this program is for you!

Are you willing to invest just a fraction of what it cost me
to acquire these internet marketing strategies?

It took me around six years to learn the lessons I'll teach you as a ChiroMarketing Academy member. Counting all the coaching, kits, DVD's, manuals, books, travel expenses and lost time from work, I've spent just over $30,000 on my marketing education.

Fortunately, the cost for this program is nowhere near $30,000. The price for a subscription to the ChiroMarketing Academy is just $97 a month or $695 yearly (Save $469 when you choose yearly plus get all monthly bonuses immediately!)

Now, we both know that $97 is less than the cost of a couple patient visits. Just one new patient obtained from a single strategy in ChiroMarketing Academy more than pays for your membership for the whole year. It's really a no-brainer if you want to grow your practice starting this month.

"No Long-Term Contracts Required"

Since your membership runs month to month, there are no long term contracts to sign or yearly commitments to agree to. If you aren't getting what you want out of the ChiroMarketing Academy, you can cancel at any time.

"Listen up people! This guy's been around the block and knows what's around the next corner"

"It took me the biggest part of 29 years and going through at least 10 management firms to affirm everything Dr. Beck is saying is TRUE. Listen up people! This guy's been around the block and knows what's around the next corner. Everything he's saying is 100% on target." 

— Dr. Jack Adrian

 4 Week, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

gChiroMarketing Academy comes with a guarantee that none of the other chiropractic seminars or gurus will ever offer. It's guaranteed to be worth at least 10 times its cost to you in time and money or you'll pay nothing. And you will be the sole judge of that. If at any time during the first four weeks you don't agree that the strategies revealed here will be worth at least $1,000 a month to your practice, just send us an email for a complete refund.

Click Here To Join ChiroMarketing Academy For Only $97 per month or $695 Yearly
 (Yearly membership saves $469.)


Remember, you have a full 30 day money back gaurantee.
Try it and see if it's what I've described here. The risk is all on me!

Questions You May Have

"Does This System Work With Decompression Marketing?"

ChiroMarketing Academy can be used to market any of the services you provide in your practice.

With lead-generation newspaper ads getting so competitive, other methods like the internet is the 'new frontier' for spinal decompression marketing.

In fact, there is a way to tell exactly how many people are searching for a spinal decompression clinic compared to other terms on the internet. Just by knowing this information and using it in a special strategy, you can be way ahead of other decompression clinics in your area. I teach this strategy to ChiroMarketing Academy members. 

I could go on and on with other examples of how my strategies could improve the number of new decompression patients you see. But I’ll just say that if you’ve spent as much as you have on a decompression machine, you should be using every possible marketing method you can to stay ahead in this very competitive market. You can
get started today seeing more decompression patients by using the training in ChiroMarketing Academy.

“IF These Strategies Are So Valuable, 
Why Is ChiroMarketing Academy Such A Low Price?”

I put this program together for two important reasons...

1) I'm tired of seeing doctors go out of business because they can't get enough new patients. Recently I attended a continuing education seminar, and 10% of the doctors in the room weren't even in practice anymore and were working a job in some other field.

2) I'm also sick of seeing struggling doctors spending tens of thousands of dollars per year on practice consultants who know nothing about marketing in the 21st century. These coaches may have great office procedures, but their marketing methods are expensive, ineffective and just plain outdated.

If you're ready to position your practice as THE place for your community's health problems, make more money and use modern technologies to do it, I invite you to...

Click Here to Master Chiropractic Marketing for Your Practice

Yours for a better practice,


Michael Beck, D.C.

P.S. It's been my experience that most chiropractic programs and kits are for the benefit of the sellers, not the hard working chiropractors, and it's not what I'm about.

What I'm offering here is something quite different. I encourage you to join ChiroMarketing Academy  and start making your practice realize it's true profit potential.

P.P.S. In a couple of years, even more doctors will have discovered and learned these cutting edge strategies, making it harder and more costly to be profitable.  (For example, you could once "buy" clicks from Google at a mere 5 pennies. Today this same click could cost you  $2-5!)

And the longer you wait to get started, the longer it will be before you see results. The flip side is also true: The quicker you get started, the quicker you'll see results.

P.P.P.S. Remember, as more and more content is added to ChiroMarketing Academy, the price of membership could double. Act now to take advantage of the low introductory price of $97 a month.

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